Walking Water has begun a series of ‘In Conversation With …’ with the intention of creating a space to keep talking about and celebrating water, sharing stories and experiences of how water has guided us. For each conversation, we will invite 2 water protectors to explore what it is to restore our relations with waters, lands, and peoples.

So far, we have held two. The first with Kathy Bancroft and Alan Bacock can be heard HERE. And the second with Gigi Coyle and Orland Bishop can be heard HERE.

These interviews are also an opportunity to invite financial resources to support Walking Water’s work and each interviewee’s chosen project. We will always attempt to have 2 interviewees so any gifts will be split 3 ways.

We choose to ask for donations rather than a set price because we wish to evoke the community spirit of gifting. We trust that those who are curious, interested, and know they are to be part of these events will truly offer what they can. For those who need a hint or guideline then we suggest a minimum of $10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Our next conversation will be on July 25th at 12 noon PT with Simone Senogles and Marian Moore of the Line 3 campaign in Minnesota and Crystal Cavalier-Keck of the NoMVP South pipeline campaign. We will discuss both of these campaigns, their current status, and the damage pipelines do to the waters, lands, and people.