Hermitage Sanctuary is an off-the-grid nature sanctuary in the Overberg near the southern-most tip of Africa. The smallholding has the original schoolhouse of the area on it, and is being developed into a small retreat using regenerative practices.

Surrounded on three sides by wild lands, it offers a safe thoroughfare for wild animals passing through, as well as a peaceful bird, insect and human sanctuary. Amber and Jesse have co-created this living sanctuary in South Africa together with partner, Anna Breytenbach, animal communicator and good friend.

Amber’s passion is to create sacred space, whether it be in her home, peace garden for all beings, or any forum she’s part of – currently environmental activism. Her background includes hospitality, healing, feng shui, council and facilitation, meditation, and watercolor painting.

Jesse sees life as an unfolding creation of the divine and attends to whatever is in front of him, whether it be building a cabin, repairing a drain, creating a new food garden, or sitting with a guest who needs to share their story.