Youth Passageways (YPW) is a diverse, intergenerational network of partners supporting youth in becoming healthy adults, rooted in belonging and connected to their gifts. Our 170+ partners across the globe are rebuilding healthy culture one young person, one family, and one village at a time.

The Youth Passageways network centers decolonization, reconciliation, reparations, and cultural reclamation as essential elements for restoring healthy passages. History has shown that a surefire way to devastate a culture is to destroy its process of youth initiation and to take over the education of young people. Youth Passageways’ vision is for all youth to be supported by family, community & society. When we create pathways of wholeness, love, and liberation for all youth, we ensure that we don’t criminalize, isolate, or abandon anyone.

Youth Passageways regenerates healthy passages by:

  • Connecting young people, families, emerging practitioners, and the wider public to the many forms of rites of passage, in ways that help them access offerings able to best meet their growth and development.
  • Hosting spaces where groups of people–youth workers, cultural practitioners, young people, parents, and more–can learn together and build relationships across differences.
  • Creating, Curating, and Coordinating resources made readily available to support young people, parents, and those that work with youth.
  • Supporting efforts to dismantle systems that harm young people, and raising consciousness and moving resources towards those which nurture young people on the path toward adulthood.

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