Our growing intergenerational team continues to listen for new expressions of Beyond Boundaries. Together we are a kind of response team for our times, responding to invitations and calls for support from a growing local and global community of highly dedicated people and places working for a regenerative future.

These are opportunities to build alliances beyond boundaries, beyond our personal and organizational borders – alliances that foster intergenerational, cross-cultural collaboration in care for people, place and planet. BB is focused on existing and the creation of diverse partnerships, particularly to face the climate crisis and related stresses on everyone in the years ahead.

In 2012, we responded to calls from Tamera (Portugal), Findhorn (Scotland), International Peace Initiatives (Kenya), and Grandmother Margaret Behan of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers (Montana).

In 2013 and into 2014, we helped in the realization of the New Story Summit (Findhorn), The Bioneers Conference, the Tamera community’s Water Summit and Global Love School, the dreaming of a new Walking Water pilgrimage, which will begin September, 2015 in California, down through the Owens Valley to LA, the continued building of earth lodges and peace huts in Kenya, trainings in Council and Rites of Passage, an annual quest for activists, environmental leaders, and change agents, and consulting the development of a new youth program in Greece called SOAR… School for All Relations. Each of these collaborations has born fruit and the work continues into 2015.


Collaborations include one or more Beyond Boundarians as primary players. These are either by invitation from the organizing group or are initiated by a Beyond Boundarian member. Click on the links below to find out more about our collaborations.

Initiatives fall under the fiscal sponsorship of the Biosphere Foundation and are initiated by Beyond Boundaries. They often have co-sponsors as most all Beyond Boundary projects do. Click on the links below to find out more about our initiatives.



“Tamera” in southern Portugal is an international peace research and education center for the development of Healing Biotopes worldwide. The goal of Tamera is to live together according to the principles of non-violent cooperation… Read more >

Weaving Earth creates educational experiences aimed at remembering and strengthening our relationships to self, to community and to the planet upon which we all depend. The health of any system—ecological, social… Read more >

The Ojai Foundation is a social-profit education center whose mission is to foster practices that awaken connection to self, circle, and the greater good. In late 2017, TOF was severely impacted by the Thomas Fire. Since that time… Read more >

The mission of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation is to mentor individual capacities for vital agreements, engage social innovation, and develop systemic leadership for sustainable cultural and ecological enterprises… Read more >

The School Of All Relations is a 4 to 6 month long residential educational program for international youth aged 18-30, based on the Greek Island of Aegina. SOAR offers a once-in-a-lifetime journey, a rite of passage towards conscious adulthood… Read more >

Youth Passageways (YPW) is a diverse, intergenerational network of partners supporting youth in becoming healthy adults, rooted in belonging and connected to their gifts. Our 170+ partners across the globe are rebuilding… Read more >

Being the north central confluence between the Great Plains and the Texas Hill Country, these lands reveal themselves as an expression of two ancient geologic formations – the earth and the sea, through time. High Hope resides on ancient… Read more >

The crises that we are witnessing as a civilization are not simply economic or political or ecological or simply related to the latest global pandemic. These are all symptoms of a greater polycrisis rooted in our separation from the natural… Read more >

Hermitage Sanctuary is an off-the-grid nature sanctuary in the Overberg near the southern-most tip of Africa. The smallholding has the original… Read more >


Beginning June 2009, a small group of 8 leaders of different ages and backgrounds began a year-long journey around the world with a nature quest in the high desert of the Inyo Mountains in California, coming together… Read more >

Three Creeks is a small oasis in the Eastern Sierra – purchased in 1998 in trust with Steven Foster and Meredith Little as a water dream sanctuary. Legally owned today by Gigi Coyle – it is shared and cared for by her lifetime… Read more >

Walking Water is an invitation, an action, an educational journey and a prayer intended to bring our voices, our stories, and our commitment to our local and global watersheds through the act of walking together, or moving… Read more >

How do we remember all our relations, embrace differences, and find our own voices, all while opening to others? It seems more than ever an essential moment in our nation and in the world, to awaken this deeply relational heart/mind… Read more >

We come together as volunteers supporting communities to co-create an earth-bag construction Council House to serve as a ceremonial meeting place or prayer hall – a place set aside to listen and be heard, to find the truth and healing in conflicts… Read more >

Many carriers are remembering, reawakening and teaching ways of working and being and thinking like a circle. The is the creation and reflection of a working group that recognizes this and convenes… Read more >