Being the north central confluence between the Great Plains and the Texas Hill Country, these lands reveal themselves as an expression of two ancient geologic formations – the earth and the sea, through time. High Hope resides on ancient limestone bedrock, once sea ledges of the Cretaceous period, millions of years before now.

Today, these 900-acres continue to teach through agreements of intention, inviting the human world to further connect and respond in mutually reciprocal cooperation and collaboration.

“Places do not belong to us. We belong to them.” Kazim Ali.

The stewards of High Hope seek to continue to deepen with the discovery of what it means to be in relation, not only between the visible forms of physical life of Human within Nature and also equally, with the more invisible, non-physical realms beyond.

And through such an alignment, High Hope is a relational member of Beyond Boundaries.

We continue to ask questions, remaining current with what will fulfill the lands’ destiny and purpose. With those commitments articulated through Covenants in perpetuity, High Hope serves as an eco-retreat, charged with the chosen responsibility to preserve large areas of wildlife habitat and to protect fragile species, using Biodynamic and holistic management principles.

Earth-centric programming is offered through retreats and workshops, guest rentals as well as classes and guided experiences, within intentionally created containers designed to call upon Nature’s wisdom. Miles of trails invite wandering with wonder.

High Hope’s growing community of “citizens” are each and together remembering themselves to the embodied experience of interconnectedness, inspired to deepen to their own personal path and purpose.

Through inquiry and experience, open to all traditions and forms of diversity, and connections to a global community of solidarity, we together support the mission to preserve sacred and significant lands.

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