We all have our daily, monthly, or yearly practices that we carry with us. Best practices we have shared and carried are all integrally woven into the fabric of our work. We highlight here a few: nature based rites of passage, council practice, ancestral tracking, intergenerational collaboration, bearing witness and pilgrimage itself. We engage these pathways for ourselves and for others, sharing them because each has been so much a part of the healing as we have experienced it.

Each of us has been called to Beyond Boundaries for different reasons, but with a common urge to respond. With open eyes, privileged backgrounds, love for this world and deep concern for ourselves, our fellow people, the planet and the fate of the future generations, we joined because it seemed a mission appropriate to the times. Though we may not have an intact tribe or community to return to, we went out anyway, knowing that no response is not an option, and trusting that even this little step might be part of the healing.

We each have come to act on the truth of our situation. In such a complex time, it is easy to become apathetic, depressed or simply paralyzed by what’s before us. For some of us, Beyond Boundaries seemed the most appropriate response we could envision, a chance to live the questions before us. A chance to live some of the best responses we know. In attempting to do this and to do it well, these practices were strong teachers for us, pillars that accompanied us throughout the journey.

A Participant in a Beyond Boundaries Pilgrimage