Imagine that fear is gone. Among people, it’s suddenly natural to let ourselves be touched by the situation of others and to help wherever we can. When a virus appears, the first question is not how to protect ourselves. But rather, what message does this bring to us? What mental or ecological pollution has made this disease possible? In the corona crisis, we are now wearing the masks externally we have long worn within ourselves. In this way, Corona has made visible the basic disease of our societies. Fear made us controllable. War and capitalism were the results. Having recognized this, we are doing everything we can to create a field of trust around the world.

Imagine humanity suddenly awakens – triggered by Covid 19 – to the realization that we are indeed one. Previous adversaries and opponents awaken from the hypnosis of separation and see what is identical in all of us. The Corona crisis has uncovered a hidden truth even to the biggest atheists: the fact that we, as humanity, are one organism. No country, no region, no religion exists separately from another. The survival of humanity and the Earth concerns us all.

Imagine you hear the voice of the Earth calling out to us: “Go into the silence and pay attention to the messages that want to reach you now.” In that stillness, you realize that life is directed towards healing. And you feel how powerful your thoughts become when you follow this insight. All of life is directed by information. It is information that creates disease or health. Now you take responsibility for your thoughts. You consciously decide to follow a thought to its conclusion or to stop it if it makes no sense. You refuse to obey a globalized system based on war, destruction, and private profit. You step into service of universal life and love.

Imagine that in addition to all the pain, fear, and chaos, powerful healing currents are emerging all over the earth – a profound revelation of life. You experience the whole Earth breathing a sigh of relief because we as humanity are changing our consumption habits. While Corona forced us in the beginning, we are now changing voluntarily, because we realize, we ourselves were the cause of all the misery we were fighting on the outside. Chemtrails are disappearing from the sky, bee colonies are returning, whales are recovering from the noise of the seas, rivers are purifying themselves, the climate is recovering. The oil industry is being replaced by technologies of cooperation with life.