The name Beyond Boundaries arose through a connection and ensuing life with dolphins. It was there, through continual interactions with bottlenose dolphins, orcas and humpback whales, where the identities of human and the oldest beings on this water planet were found to be no barrier to an experience of communication, communion, collaboration, trust and love.

Beyond Boundaries first public use was a presentation of the story of Joe and Rosie– The Release of Dolphins from Captivity, Sea Island, Georgia by Gigi Coyle in 1986. These two had been in captivity for 7 years as part of a human – dolphin communication experiment with John Lilly. Returning them to the sea was a completion of a long overdue promise.


BB is a virtual and deeply personal and planetary alliance, a response team for our times, a prayer and action arising through awareness of inter-generational, inter-national, inter-dependent, inter-species, inter-galactic relations. We call for and support continual convergence of old and new story ambassadors – a scattered tribe remembering, re-introducing ourselves to each other. We are part of an emerging culture, doing our part in honoring, remembering and respecting the best of the old story while co- creating the new. Perhaps, we are parts of a lost tribe re-uniting, a collection of souls who recognize each other when we meet and support each other’s destinies as best we can see and know.

We do feel and know when one plus one makes three, as we listen with big ears and hearts for the pieces or gifts we have for each other, others, and this world. Our focus is deeply on knowing who we are, supporting and respecting identities of culture, race, gender etc., tending to that which is oppression, injustice, so that we can meet, work and live in dignity. We ask for what is ours to do, where and how to be allies, asking for what we need and offering what we can. Our coming together is not so much based on liking each other or even looking alike. Most simply said, it is a shared care to be part of the healing, the change needed in our times. We acknowledge that sticks held together are stronger than when alone, that mirroring mycelium networks above ground is a worthy vision, that a spiral and web view of life is one leading to more wholeness. And maybe, just maybe, that true co-creation and sharing of skills, insight, and resources is an essential antidote to an experience of jealousy, greed, competition and scarcity too often leading to war.


We embark with the question, what is the world we long to live in and listen how to move in that direction. A dreaming more than an organization, BB is founded thru and made visible in prayer and action. There are no membership dues, or criteria for belonging, other than a knowing that this BB name and non-organization serve – seeing and being seen, supporting and being supported by you and other BB. We live and work within a re-emerging gift economy and move at the pace of relationships, the seasons, the bio-rhythms of nature and the capacity to offer our gifts, share resources and ask for what we need in order to do just that.

With gratitude for our many ancestors and recognition of the import and impact of our histories, culture, lineage, race, age, and gender – we encourage learning, healing, and focus on removing systems of oppression and supremacy in all the forms, places, ways and peoples as they have been, are today and continue to arise. With recognition that all have value, gifts and voices to be heard – we work in circles, spirals and starbursts–chaotic emergence at times. If and as hierarchies serve, they are founded in agreements based most often on a willingness to serve, an offering of experience that is needed, and an assuming of responsibility after listening.


There is no one office or headquarters, although 3 Creeks, Payahuunadu, California, to date, has served as a hub. BB is simply a name and identity, to be used as and when it may serve the BB spirit. To date, that use has been for offerings in writing and in person, programs and projects, gatherings, ceremonies, and pilgrimages (especially a year-long one in 2009.) And as for tomorrow, we will see–who, how, when and where, as we respond to the call.

Here’s to the great turning, the quickening, and the big stretch ahead!