This audiobook, Kaleidoscope: finding my way around, which Gigi calls a “blurt,” was written by hand, on dream-inspired days over two years and then recorded with hardly an edit. It is a voice that comes out of the dreamtime and life of Gigi Coyle. Weaving past, present, and future stories, there is a timelessness of sharing — what just may be of interest to youngers and “olders” alike. Sections explore such themes as lineage, ancestors, family, community, privilege, dolphin legend, myth and reality, “best practices,” love and money, relationships, initiation, life and death, soul-lines, and songlines. You can listen to one chapter at a time or go for a longer ride. A written version will be available at some point in the future.

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Welcome/Dedication and Intro/Preface

Book One – Ireland

Chapter 1 – Ancestors, Chapter 2 – Initiation, Chapter 3 – Dolphin, Chapter 4 – Sacred, Chapter 5- Rite of Passage, Chapter 6 – Ojai, Chapter 7 – Legend, Chapter 8 – Fatherland, Chapter 9 – ORCA, Chapter 10 – Sacrifice, Chapter 11 – Lovers


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Book Two – Greece

Chapter 1 – Returning, Chapter 2 – Water, Chapter 3 – Healing, Chapter 4 – Ownership, Chapter 5- Language, Chapter 6 – For the Children, Chapter 7 – Reflection, Chapter 8 – The Dress

Book Three – Turtle Island (USA and Aegina, Greece)

Chapter 1 – Connection, Chapter 2 – Re-Sources, Chapter 3 – Regrets, Chapter 4 – Allies, Chapter 5- Grief, Chapter 6 – Generations, Chapter 7 – Flow

Book Four – Home

Chapter 1 – Moving, Chapter 2 – Everyday, Chapter 3 – Vows, Chapter 4 – Change, Chapter 5- Privilege, Chapter 6 – The Lament, Chapter 7 – Dragonfly Medicine, Chapter 8 – Maps, Chapter 9 – Birth Day

Book Five – Love Stories

Chapter 1 – Big Love, Chapter 2 – Love of Place, Chapter 3 – Love from Beyond, Chapter 4 – Liberation, Chapter 5- Love of Self, Chapter 6 – Love Fields, Chapter 7 – Love of Life, Chapter 8 – Communion

Kaleidoscope: finding my way home




Book One – Ireland


Book Two – Greece


Book Three – Turtle Island (USA and Aegina, Greece)


Book Four – Home


Book Five – Love Stories


Kaleidoscope: finding my way home


With gratitude for these co-creators:

Filming & recordings by Teena Pugliese, many family photographers throughout, transcriptions by Juliette Baigler, web work by Cameron Phelps, and always Win Phelps on wing.

When she is called, Virginia “Gigi” Coyle shows up as a community activist, a facilitator for many kinds of gatherings, a carrier of council as a practice, and a trainer for our times. She is a life-passage guide and mentor for individuals, communities and organizations, while learning to be a guardian, a witness and an older, currently serving in such ways for the Ojai Foundation, Youth Passageways, Walking-Water, Ways of Council, the European Council Network, and Weaving Earth. She has contributed extensively in the areas of citizen diplomacy, earth, social and racial justice, the empowerment of all, particularly youth and women. Co-steward of a small oasis, Three Creeks, visionary for an alliance, Beyond Boundaries, she is devoted to the emergence of local and global learning centers, sanctuaries, and what she calls “watering holes.” Gigi‘s focus continues to be healing ways through ceremony, inter-generational projects of prayer, action and service.
She is co-author of The Way of Council, and, and The Box: Remembering the Gift, along with numerous articles, pamphlets and guidelines.

I want to tell you how much I appreciated Kaleidoscope: finding my way home. There were the many resonances, not the least of which was my pregnant experience in Kealakekua Bay with a midwife dolphin. What I kept finding was how your storytelling felt like it was prompting my own stories, reminding me of my own story. I enjoyed the full ride. I think you were leading council on some level throughout. At the end, you hoped that your stories would help us to remember ours. That is exactly what it did so I want to extend respect for how your intention was realized and what a gift it was. 

Lori Austein, Co-Director: Circles of Resilience, Transpersonal Life Coach

Gigi’s words carry truth to stop you in your tracks and love that will nourish you on the long, long walk.

Charles Eisenstein, Author

I came to join in a nature – based rites of passage with Gigi when I was 16. I am now 31, having not only survived but thrived, with her continual mentorship over all of these years. Hearing her voice then and now, continues to support me and others to be with the rites of passage we as humanity are now all in. I highly recommend a good listen or hopefully read as well.

Sam Deboskey, Farmer, Poet, Community Organizer

Gigi’s voice – wise, truthful, poetic, and caring – carries a timely sanity and intelligence at the very heart of the many important issues that are shaking and changing our world. We would all benefit from her mentorship that carries us forward while challenging our assumptions.

Meredith Little, Co-Founder of the School of Lost Borders, Author

Gigi’s powerful life stories ring with integrity and love of this earth, her waters, her peoples. Her prophetic voice, a voice of great integrity, is an inspiration to all who hear, to all who listen.

Roshi Joan Halifax, Founder, Upaya Zen Center

I went to be with the Orca whales with Gigi when I was 12. She guided me to a tiny “uninhabited by humans” island where I spent the day and night alone. I was not alone then and have never been since, given her continual guidance, experience, stories, care and love throughout my life. I encourage any, no matter what age, to meet and spend the time you can with her in this audio book.

Jen Porter, Mother, Farmer, Community leader

There are paths in life that reveal the deepest truths when those with whom you walk them, know the terrain and trust what guides the heart. Gigi is a guide for those committed to travel the distance between one’s heart and the healing of the world. We walk with water for life.

Orland Bishop, Founder, ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, Guardian, Healer

Gigi is a holder of wisdom who selflessly shares of herself to provide guidance and inspiration to those willing to hear. She provides a voice of knowledge, integrity, discernment and truth in a time when elders are being asked for, and needed in all of our cultures, tribes, and races…

Alan Bacock, Big Pine Paiute Tribal Member

Gigi’s writing is so beautiful. Profound storytelling, lyrical (without being too much), full of rhythm and musicality! This is important work you’re doing…. weaving land and place and curiosity, how to live, in synch with our beloved living Earth. A treasure.

Ginny Jordan, Poet, Producer, Nature Protector

Gigi’s tellings are a testimony of what it means to be a true human being who still lives in the old old ways, in profound connection with the other true beings of the natural world.

Deena Metzger, Author, Teacher, Community Healer

Gigi is a living example for me in this lifetime – how to become and Elder in our society, which really connects to the secret of life-truth-and love. Listen to her, like you listen to the water and it will nourish you and your soul and the soul of humanity. This gives hope in a challenging time, refresh your soul like a purified and vivid spring and guide you to your own spring.

Sabine Lichtenfels, Author, Teacher and Co-Founder, Tamera Peace Research and Education Center, Portugal

Gigi’s voice and perspectives carry her earned wisdom, and resonate deeply for me. Her lifelong embodied practices shine through these stories, offering generous guidance for anyone seeking wise compass points to help navigate their own path. Her consistent listening – both inwardly and outwardly – to inform her quest to remember our appropriate place in relation to nature, all of life and water offers insights that will likely ring like a bell within your heart, body and spirit. This audiobook is a generous offering for all of us who are midwifing new civilizations into form, and new ways of being a part of them, as the old one is dying.

Nina Simmons, Co- Founder of Bioneers, Author

I walked with Gigi as part of Walking Water, a time when the temperatures daily topped 100….people and planet heating up everywhere. We were giving our attention to the water story – together listening, working to repair the past and prepare the future. I encourage you to walk with her thru these stories, whenever and wherever you can.

Rajendra Singh, Water Man from India