Community Truth Bites *Simple Suggestions for Decision-Making* February 2022

Choose and agree on ideally one or two facilitators with experience   Who Those who are most impacted and affected and experienced about said decision is a general guideline Those [...]

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Community Truth Bites *Matching Vision and Capacity: Who Decides?* January 2022

Who are 100 % committed and know that their relationship with a community, person, or organization is part of their destiny….bumps and all? Adults deciding futures together will miss the [...]

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Community Truth Bites *Being with Conflict – One Way Amongst Many* November 2021

Conflict, for today, I will identify as differences experienced and/or embodied that lead to reactionary expressions that can be harmful to self as well as others. Once a conflict [...]

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Meditation Offering by Sabine Lichtenfels, Co-Founder of Tamera, Author, Peace Activist

Imagine that fear is gone. Among people, it's suddenly natural to let ourselves be touched by the situation of others and to help wherever we can. When a virus appears, [...]

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