“Tamera” in southern Portugal is an international peace research and education center for the development of Healing Biotopes worldwide. The goal of Tamera is to live together according to the principles of non-violent cooperation and to establish a center for global peace work.

Building off of 30 years of relationship between Gigi and Tamera co-founders, since the pilgrimage in 2009-2010, Beyond Boundaries and Tamera have maintained steady cooperation. There are two main areas of focus: The Global Campus and The Global Love School.

The Global Campus is a network of local peace initiatives around the world who are creating educational centers for autonomous, decentralized communities of trust. At the moment, the following projects are involved: the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia, the Favela da Paz in São Paulo, Brazil, the Permaculture center OTEPIC in Kenya, various projects in Israel-Palestine, and the Inla Kesh community Chiapas, Mexico.

The Global Campus educational gatherings are designed to support the base stations in questions of food self-sufficiency, energy autonomy, water management, community building and the study of peace knowledge. The project follows the idea that establishing autonomous, decentralized communities of trust creates a humane future.

The Global Love School, founded by Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn, is a place for deep sharing and learning of teachers, peaceworkers and activists about the areas of love, sexuality, partnership and ethical guidelines. They meet once a year in Tamera.

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