Beyond Boundaries is a dream, a prayer and action; an inter-generational alliance of individuals, communities and organizations bearing witness to and working to create a healthier, more just and beautiful world.

Beyond Boundarians are those who connect with shared values and visions in our virtual, local and global community in the idea that we are stronger, wiser and more whole as a circle. We listen for what is our part to offer, to learn to do, with a willingness to act, alone and together, up close or far across the waters.

Who is a Beyond Boundarian?

Someone who relates to these shared values, intentions and dreams:

  • Someone who cares for self, others, earth…
  • Someone who listens for how to serve the healing, the moment, the great turning, love, regeneration, truth, social and racial justice, the best of the old/new story
  • Someone who practices deep listening, speaking from the heart, bearing witness, walking their talk
  • Someone who lives “glocal” — care for place and bioregion and all whom they are with, and who sees, relates to and cares about the global community
  • Someone who asks what serves for next generations, who lives the questions and takes a breath and is willing not to have the answers
  • Someone who is open and into widening the circle of their own understanding, perspective, and awareness
  • Someone who is willing to join in best practices, in ceremonies, in council when and if called or call one when needed
  • Someone who sees themselves in service, and engaged in support of whole communities learning
  • Someone committed to live and work “in/with love” as a root, in the areas of social and racial justice, ecologic awareness, and education
  • Those who are dependable and see themselves as part of a ship, part of the crew, and will do what they say they will do or share when not possible
  • Those who have their own spiritual way or practice and are curious about the group mind/heart and what happens when WE come together
  • Those who think like a circle or are learning how to, and own their weaknesses, vulnerability, challenges and insecurities, as well as their gifts
  • Someone who lives life as a quest, listening for songline, honoring ancestors, reading the signs, finding the teachers in nature, in everything
  • Someone who lives life as ceremony, as a way of council, opening to and giving attention to all our relations
  • Someone who strives to be personally reliable, self-governing, self-responsible, an initiated adult who will take care, and grow their wholeness and from that place find connection to others
  • Someone who is willing to show up and do what needs to be done, and does not hold special privilege or attitudes toward any kind of labor
  • Someone who is willing to lead or follow, speak up or shut up, act out or be quiet, listening for what might serve the situation, self, and others
  • Someone who is willing to turn into the skid, the charge, the unknown, the shadow, the fear, pain or anger, and stay with it to the other side
  • Someone who is in touch with what they need, want, and dream and when not able to be in touch, to share that
  • Someone who values communication and communion with the BB circle and will reach out as it serves, keep each other informed as/if needed, and consider all
  • Those who offer their gifts, find partners where/when needed with gifts of skills, finances, and/or resources, that will make a good balance and complement the task at hand

In sum – a Boundarian is… Someone who sees and resonates with the vision and mission of BB – to be, in a variety of ways, part of a response team and support in the strengthening of community centers, watering-holes, and projects that share the above values… Someone who is connected to what is a natural BB project such as water walks of resilience and building council huts… Someone who wants to make community wherever and whenever–only making organizations if needed.

May we remember and may we imagine the best of the old and the best of a new story

Shay Sloan

Brendan Clarke

Will Scott

Kate Bunney

Aaron Frederick

Emilia Dahlin

Sam Burris-DeBoskey

Win Phelps

Steve Costa

Kate Levinson

Marlow Hotchkiss

Leslie Roberts

Naomi Newman

Krystyna Jurzykowski

Roger Milliken

Margot Milliken

Rob Dreaming

Lia Bentley

Scott Davidson

Geoff Dalglish
Tina Kansy

Isabel Rosa

Janka Striffler

Amber Mcyntyre

David Jessup

Christina Chorafas

Brontë Velez

Yamin Chehin

Alan Mobley

Teena Pugliese

Han Delissen

Carlin Quinn

Lynn Murphy

Justine Epstein

Orland Bishop

Georgina Silby

Siri Gunnarson

Vera Kleinhammes

Laura Lochrane

Juliette Baigler
Marcus Dittrich

Anna Nyskov Irgens-Møller

Tara Milliken

David Hage

Lauren Dalberth Hage

James Haim

Gigi Coyle

Darcy Ottey

Yeshe Salz

Benjamin Von Mendelssohn

Marie de Beauvoir


We could never name and honor all of our many teachers and sources ….and some attempt seems important. Of course, we would not be what we are, without our ancestors and families, a moving dream, part of a movement – without the people who initiate and show up – the many woven through these projects, organizations and communities as well as many who will stay nameless – all essential.

We want to acknowledge and thank all of our many partners – hosts, allies, sponsors, and donors over so many years – named throughout our story herein. Next is to continue to say thankyou for the guidance, teaching, and ceremonies shared, despite the difficult history we share – of indigenous peoples of many lands, of the global majority, people of culture and color who many of us have so deeply influenced by.

I remember one of my first ceremonies in Indonesia in the early 70’s, where a few of us were there doing an exchange around appropriate technologies. The sister institute we were working with invited us into a kind of council, a blessing and gratitude ceremony all in one. It is so important to find the many different ways to acknowledge each other not for egos sake but for our prayers and action to continue.

Gigi Coyle, Beyond Boundaries

Finally, it is key to thank the lands and waters, the non – human friends and relatives that have provided an experience of home and connection wherever we have lived, settled or moved about, migrated to or from. 

All photographs shown here were taken and offered by people we know and who care about BB – with their permission. Photographers have included: Jasmine Beahgler, Jen Fedrizzi, David Wright, and Geoff Dalglish for Walking Water, Emilia Dahlin, Win Phelps, and Teena Pugliese for Beyond Boundaries as well as many other BB participants and collaborators who gifted their pictures and text edits.

Special thanks to Emilia Dahlin for her work with Gigi on the content and organizational care… This made it possible to have yet another good experience with web designer Emily Pease.

We hope it all has been and continues to be worth it!

Sierra Silverstone, the Biosphere Foundation… Sending a special love beyond boundaries – to all those who have passed over who have been part of our team and work.