Beyond Boundaries enters another cycle of service in 2015. This inter-gen response team will continue its work in support of a healthy Biosphere through educational work within communities, bearing witness, catalyzing reconciliation and contributing to wholeness in individuals, organizations, and essential natural places on this planet.

Activities, experiences, and events this year will include: the ongoing training of Beyond Boundarians; development of unique and much needed rites of passage programs; the emergence of an eco-learning community in Greece; specialized trainings for environmental leaders and organizations; key planning and participation in an Owens Valley to Los Angeles pilgrimage bringing government, corporations, enviro-activists, and First Nation peoples together around relationship to water; the continuation of essential, regenerative “New Story” practices/trainings in numerous communities including Findhorn, Tamera, Global Village Network, Three Creeks, The Ojai Foundation, and the European Council Network.