About Gigi Coyle

When she is called, Virginia "Gigi" Coyle shows up as a community activist, a facilitator for many kinds of gatherings, a carrier of council as a practice, and a trainer for our times. She is a life-passage guide and mentor for individuals, communities and organizations, while learning to be a guardian, a witness and an older, currently serving in such ways for the Ojai Foundation, Youth Passageways, Walking-Water, Ways of Council, the European Council Network, and Weaving Earth. She has contributed extensively in the areas of citizen diplomacy, earth justice, the empowerment of all, particularly youth and women. Co-steward of a small oasis, Three Creeks, visionary for an alliance, Beyond Boundaries, she is devoted to the emergence of local and global learning centers, sanctuaries, and what she calls “watering holes.” Gigi‘s focus continues to be healing ways through ceremony, inter-generational projects of prayer, action and service. She is co-author of The Way of Council, and http://waysofcouncil.net, and The Box, Remembering the Gift, along with numerous articles, pamphlets and guidelines.
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