On March 16th, 2010, the Beyond Boundaries team touched down on U.S. soil after 286 days since departure.  We were welcomed by Chumash Leaders, Mati Waya and Luhui of the Wishtoyo Foundation on the grounds of an ancient Chumash village site in Malibu, a poignant and moving return for the group.  Thus began the process of incorporation and adjusting to being home. We walk with many questions:

  • What does home mean?
  • How will each of us go back to the familiar and go forward into the unknown?
  • How do we live in integrity with all that we have learned and the values that have shifted or grown in each of us?
  • How can we continue to share this journey with our communities, our supporters and any and all we meet?

The following weeks have been spent attending to these questions, while pouring through all of the stories, information, observations, recordings, images, writings, and memories from the journey; no small task, and one that will take a lifetime to process completely.  We have, however, just completed a report that will start to illuminate what we witnessed and learned so that we might continue  to share the journey in a new way.