Weren’t we all born into a circle? A circle of life–doctors or nurses, midwives or doulas, family or friends–a bunch of humans, all standing around us at the center somehow.

Somehow – that center spot didn’t feel right for too long.


Ever since I have been finding my place in the circle, the council, the nature of all things–seen and unseen—asking, at times wondering, where do I belong?


Stone circles of my ancestors….I find comfort there in…

–eddies in the river where I can rest

–clouds circling above me in the sky

–galaxies calling me home.


Today many talk of different worldviews and I wonder how they emerged, truly…


What have I, have we, forgotten, lost ?

What have I, have we, taken or stolen?

Lands, ceremonies, circles, council, culture,

water, homes, hearts, minds, language….

Who have we, have I, harmed, hurt, oppressed, destroyed?

What has been sacrificed, suffered?

How am I, are we, to change, heal, live and die?

When will the story of be different, if ever? A world view be shared ?


The first talking-piece was handed to me in a circle when I was around four–kindergarten–German ancestors. It was a shell my classmate had brought for show-and-tell–something special that she wanted us all to see, to touch, to hold–something sacred, I felt.

We each could offer that, feel that, not only the priest holding the chalice on Sunday morning.

Out of the silence a few words were spoken, only as the shell was passed around–they too felt special–offered in the moment, not prepared, simply coming through. Words in this way I knew had power, they were listened to, they were heard, given space for.

It all felt right.The spirit of council was alive and well…..and still is in our birth , our bones, ..may it be in our homes .