Who are 100 % committed and know that their relationship with a community, person, or organization is part of their destiny….bumps and all?

Adults deciding futures together will miss the mark of what is best for WE, a place, or a project if they haven’t got a strong sense of self. Having such is a gateway to true partnerships, to community and collaboration.

With different initiation ceremonies, council ways, maps of wholeness (some ways I know and there are others J ), a younger (or an older who has not had such a chance before) can be truly seen and heard. Then, in my experience, they, we, are far more able to listen and learn how to serve self, others, and this world as one action.

Without such, people often continue to individuate at most every opportunity they get, in order to self-identify. This can make community processes in search of alignment unending. Once we confirm what is essential for our own lives, we can begin to more readily listen for and commit to what is essential for community.

Bottom line is, especially for places and people with big compelling visions, if we want to live as community and be part of the healing and change in our world, then responsibility to self-knowing and self-love is essential. Together we can co-create, co-liberate and co-arise. Though time here is non-linear, I do suggest this is a good place to begin and check out when assessing community needs, roles, and how decisions will be made.