Defend the Sacred is an emerging global alliance united in prayer, mutual support, culture-to-culture healing and shared action. We come together to contribute to the growing practice of sacred activism, to catalyze regenerative systems change, and to protect the sanctity of all Life.

Through three annual gatherings (2017, 2018, 2019) the DSA has evolved into a growing community of over 100 members from 20+ countries. As we prepare for our annual gathering this Fall, core members of the alliance have come together in solidarity to help call in collective resources, both financially and in-kind, for each other’s respective communities.

As we have all been affected by the acute moment of the Coronavirus crisis, we want to ensure that our members have the ability to continue their critical work. The DSA Solidarity Fund is an experiment in the practice of transparency, shared responsibility, and mutual support. Potential partners can reach out to DSA members listed in the document below directly or through the DSA member that introduced you to the Solidarity Fund. We trust and pray that this work will deepen relationships and widen the relational field amongst allies during this critical time.

This document, the Solidarity Fund, focuses on the immediate needs with COVID19 and ongoing community-building efforts for DSA members working on the frontlines. The total sum of requests within this document is roughly USD $615K/€570K. We see fundraising, i.e. finding partners and sharing our needs and resources, as an essential way to build any local and global community. This is a living document therefore which will grow and change over time. This document is a companion piece with the DSA concept paper which introduces the overall needs for DSA as an emerging entity (e.g. gathering needs, website build). The DSA budget for the year is USD $141/€130K. Please see the concept paper for more detailed information.